Our Story

Our Founder first moved to Denver in 2016. He immediately noticed the need for a new solution to help with parking, traffic, air pollution, and public transportation. That's when Swoop was born! 

Fast forward two short years and we're Denver's first connected lightweight electric vehicle ride-sharing company. Our mission is to empower citizens to lower their carbon footprint by providing them with an available, affordable and reliable ride-sharing experience.


The future of mobility

Download Swoop app today


$5 for the first 15 minutes, then $0.15 per minute after that.


  • Reserve your Swoop up to 10 minutes

  • Batteries are changed once they reach 40% to ensure you always have a reliable scooter available

Never worry about parking again

Being a lightweight electric vehicle you are allowed to park on the sidewalk!


Note: Please don't obstruct the sidewalk, or any businesses/driveways or user will be fined.